GAIL wants to learn more about LNG business

Vol 8, PW 23 (23 Feb 05) News in Brief

GAIL is looking for a consultant to learn more about the global LNG business.

On 10th February GAIL floated a tender for a consultant to help it evaluate global LNG pricing methodology, new contract trends and a sourcing strategy. By 2007 our requirement will be 15m t/y, GAIL tells us.

This is perfect timing for us to get a study done on global trends. On 17th January, GAIL sought bids for long term (20-25 years) and short-term (5-10 years) contracts with supplies from 2005-06.

GAIL wants the consultants report in three parts. Part one should focus on the global LNG supply and demand outlook till 2015 with a list of ex-ship LNG buyers and their impact on global trade.

Part two will focus on global LNG contracts and prices and part three will focus on a LNG sourcing and negotiating strategy. The report should be prepared five weeks from the award of contract and interested parties should submit bids by 2nd March 2005.