Essar warns Greka must perform

Vol 17, PW 10 (19 Dec 13) News in Brief

Greka Drilling could be in for a rude shock if its flagship technology to improve CBM recovery during drilling does not live up to expectations.

Greka announced on December 16 a $65m contract to re-deploy five rigs from China to drill 100 of 350 planned CBM wells at RG (E) CBM-2001/1 or Raniganj East beginning June 1st next year. "Greka has been given an integrated contract," confirms Essar, “to provide casing, cementing, with use of directional drilling and to ready the well for completion before handing it to us.

” Essar adds it might extend the contract to beyond 100 wells if Greka proves itself. "But we’ll kick them out if they don't perform!" he adds.

Around 100 petroleum students promised jobs by Greka have been told to expect a ‘joining date’ shortly. “Greka kept its promise to announce the Essar contract before Christmas and I expect it will keep its promise to the students,” we hear.

Greka’s drilling deal with Essar was brokered by Baroda-based Saragon Oilfield Services Pvt. Ltd.