French driller COFOR gets first India contract

Vol 17, PW 7 (31 Oct 13) Exploration & Production

Tiny French driller COFOR - based near the scenic forest of Fontainebleau next to Paris - is about to get its first taste of the difficult working conditions in India.

COFOR is poised to mobilise two 1000-hp land rigs from Europe to Cairn block RJ-ON-90/1 by early December. Each rig has been hired for three years on what is COFOR's first Indian contract.

Cairn chose the firm without tender as it was the only driller with ‘super single’ rigs which can move fast in Rajasthan’s desert conditions. Still unclear is what Cairn will pay but drillers say it could be at least $20,000/day.

When the rigs arrive they will join 10 rigs already working at the block. Three are 750-hp Weatherford development drilling rigs, hired for three years.

Rig 806 and Rig 807 have each been hired for around $28,000/day, while Rig 709 has been hired for around $22,000/day. Four are John Energy rigs: two 1000-hp development drilling rigs have each been hired for one year at around $16,000/day; then there is a 1000-hp workover rig and a 550-hp workover rig, both hired at between $10,000/day and $12,000/day for three years.

There are also two Quippo rigs: one 2000-hp rig drilling deep wells at the Raageshwari gas field and one 1000-hp rig, both hired for three years. Finally there is a water drilling rig hired at around $5000/day from Aakash Exploration Services to pull up sucker rods.