Finding new CEO for Gujarat Gas not easy

Vol 17, PW 6 (17 Oct 13) Midstream & Downstream

GSPC has a tough slog ahead to fill the newly created post of CEO at recent acquisition Gujarat Gas.

GSPC advertised the Gujarat Gas CEO post in English newspapers in early October. PETROWATCH learns the new CEO will look after the daily running of the company while the reduced role of MD will be taken by GSPC group managing director Tapan Ray.

The management model at Gujarat Gas will follow that of fellow GSPC subsidiary, GSPC Gas, where the CEO runs operations on behalf of a five-member board headed by Gujarat energy secretary DJ Pandian as chairman and Ray as MD. But a Gujarat Gas source says its criterion that CEO applicants must have worked for 25 years in oil and gas, with experience of gas transmission and distribution, will limit the number of internal candidates that can apply.

“There are only a few senior level people with this background," he says. "We may look to people from other utility industries.

Money is no constraint but getting the right candidate is top priority.” Finding a suitable CEO will complete the 6-month handover process that began when GSPC bought the gas retailer from BG in June 2013.

Current Gujarat Gas managing director Sugata Sircar, 49, has the option to return to BG on December 12 or join GSPC permanently. Some reckon GSPC will make him a serious offer to stay, but he he’ll still have to undergo the same competitive interview process as other people going for the post.