Gas lobby group talks to power secretary Shahi

Vol 8, PW 25 (23 Mar 05) News in Brief

First it was the oil ministry, now its the power ministrys turn to get a taste of the Gas Industry Group.

On 14th March the BG-led lobby group that includes Reliance, Exxon and Shell met power secretary RV Shahi to explain their concerns regarding the proposed regulatory regime for the petroleum sector in the hope that these would be passed on to select cabinet ministers (Group of Ministers) examining the legislation. Shahi asked us to give him a point-wise agenda highlighting specific issues on which the ministers can take a stand, a GIG member tells this report.

During the meeting, GIG representatives stressed the need for an independent appellate tribunal and a code of conduct for the gas industry. An affiliate code of conduct is crucial in liberalising gas markets where the transmission and marketing operations of companies are being unbundled, Shahi was told.