Hope on the horizon for D6 gas production

Vol 16, PW 18 (04 Apr 13) Exploration & Production

Amid the gloom and doom about gas shortages in India, here is a ray of hope.

Reliance and partners BP and Niko Resources believe they can produce an additional 20m cm/d of gas by 2017 from KG-DWN-98/3, which includes the depleting D1 and D3 gasfields. “We submitted a FDP to develop the R-Series gas discoveries to the DGH and the oil ministry last December (2012),” reports a consortium source.

“DGH officials have been sending us queries.” DGH and ministry officials are expected to approve the FDP by June or within six months of its submission as prescribed by the PSC.

Under the FDP for four R-Series gas discoveries, also known as the D34 discoveries, Reliance wants to drill five or six development wells in water depths of up to 1800 metres. These R-Series discoveries, lying 60-km south of D1 and D3, were first declared commercial by the Management Committee in February 2012.

When developed, they are likely to produce up to 12m cm/d of gas which can be taken directly to the onshore processing terminal at the D6 landfall point at Gadimoga. Reliance and partners expect another 8m cm/d from four satellite gas discoveries: D2, D6, D19 and D22, lying around 100-km north of the producing D1 and D3 areas.

Gas from the satellite fields can be taken to the established platform before going to the Gadimoga landfall point. Reliance is considering an integrated development plan for both R-Series and the satellite discoveries.

"There is nothing on paper yet but we want to develop both sets of discoveries simultaneously to ensure optimum utilisation of established infrastructure," says a consortium source. "It is up to the DGH and the ministry to approve our suggestion.