Shell plans impressive Hazira expansion

Vol 16, PW 9 (15 Nov 12) Midstream & Downstream

Shell and partner Total plan to spend a staggering Rs2800cr ($510m) over the next six years to expand the Hazira LNG terminal from 3.67m t/y to 10m t/y.

Phase-I of the expansion is set to begin next month (December) as soon as Shell receives environmental and Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance. Tractebel will oversee Hazira’s initial expansion to 5m t/y by December 2015 and will also supervise construction work for Phase-II, likely to begin by March 2013 and completed by December 2018, doubling capacity to 10m t/y.

Shell’s ambitious project will see all LNG terminal infrastructure re-vamped, including unloading arms, pipelines, and storage tanks. Today Hazira can store 320,000-cubic metres of LNG in its two 160,000-cubic metre tanks.

But the expansion will see two more 200,000-cubic metre storage tanks added, taking capacity to 720,000-cubic metres. Each new storage tank will stand 50 metres tall; one tank will be installed in Phase-I, the other in Phase-II, located 44.25-metres apart from one another.

Shell is designing the jetty unloading facilities to handle LNG cargoes ranging from 80,000 to 265,000-cubic metres and plans to add two new cryogenic LNG unloading arms, taking the total number to four. Once unloaded at the jetty, LNG will be transported through a 1.6-km pipeline to the storage tanks.

After the expansion, Hazira will also have eight high-pressure pumps, 12 in-tank pumps, four open-rack vaporisers, four shell-tube vaporisers, a submerged combustion vaporiser, eight seawater intake systems, two re-condensers and three boil-off gas compressors. Shell has 46.7 hectares at Hazira and will not need more land land as its present facilities barely cover 21 hectares.

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