Bhargava cracks the whip on leaked papers

Vol 16, PW 6 (04 Oct 12) News in Brief

Two unskilled day labourers or ‘peons’ have been told to leave the oil ministry for leaking confidential documents.

Oil ministry additional secretary Sudhir Bhargava summoned six oil ministry employees on October 3 to investigate how oil and gas companies are gaining access to confidential papers. Among those who filed in to Bhargava’s office head lowered were section officer (exploration) SK Naik, his personal assistant Manoj Gaur, director PK Singh’s personal assistant Geeta Nasa, office worker Sanjiv Kumar and the two ‘peons’.

“Bhargava asked why these individuals remain at the ministry after working hours,” says a source. “He also asked if they sell documents to oil and gas companies.

” Still unclear is what action Bhargava will take against other suspects. Nearly 20 ministry employees are on contracts, which can be easily terminated.

When contacted, Bhargava declined to comment. “This is an internal matter,” he said.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”