ONGC drowning under Mehsana queries

Vol 16, PW 4 (06 Sep 12) News in Brief

Every silver lining has a cloud! ONGC’s excitement at the excellent response to its $140m tender to replace pipelines and allied facilities at the producing Mehsana asset in Gujarat has waned since it received 1200 technical queries and 900 commercial queries.

A record-breaking 54 companies bought the tender in mid-July and 42 attended the pre-bid at Delhi’s Hotel Samrat on August 2, sending in queries by August 31. “ONGC has not even begun responding,” says an interested bidder.

“I asked for answers and they asked me why I’m hurrying them. I cannot prepare my bid unless my queries are answered, that’s why.

” Another bidder says his company alone has sent in 50 queries and ONGC only has itself to blame. “ONGC’s bid document lacks clarity and is confusing,” we hear.

“We need to be cautious when bidding for such a high-value contract.” ONGC wants technical and price bids by October 1, but bidders want this extended to December.