LPG from IOC-Petronas to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

Vol 9, PW 1 (20 Apr 05) News in Brief

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh can soon expect to receive LPG imports from the IOC-Petronas joint venture at Haldia.

On 5th April, Mrinal Roy, CEO of IndianOil Petronas Private Ltd, wrote to joint secretary refineries Prabh Das asking for permission to export LPG cooking gas to the two countries, following requests from Dhaka and Colombo. IndianOil Petronas operates an LPG import and export terminal at Haldia in West Bengal and stores Propane (C3) and Butane (C4) sourced from Petronas, which it sells separately in bulk or as LPG.

We propose to blend Propane and Butane imported separately and produce LPG and export the same by ship on FOB basis ex-Haldia to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka or by road to Bangladesh, said Roy. As a private company and Parallel Marketer, writes Roy, IPPLs imports and exports of LPG should not fall within the remit of the governments Industry Logistics Plan.