IndianOil public hearing

Vol 16, PW 1 (26 Jul 12) News in Brief

IndianOil has moved a step closer to beginning an 11-well exploratory drilling programme at its 199-sq km onland Cambay basin NELP-VII block CB-ONN-2005/7 in Gujarat’s Bharuch and Vadodara districts.

Residents from six Bharuch villages are expected to attend an August 1 public hearing to be held near the Palej railway station to clear IndianOil’s drilling plans. People from 36 Vadodara villages will go to the August 14 hearing at Karjan city.

IndianOil has committed to drill ten exploration wells in the four-year Phase-I, each to 2000 metres TD using a 1200 to 1500-hp rig. IndianOil must drill one more Phase-II exploration well to 800 metres TD.

IndianOil joint venture IOT Energy & Infrastructure is presently carrying out a 3D shoot across the entire block. After interpreting this data, IndianOil plans to finalise well locations by early 2013.

It signed the PSC on December 22, 2008. IndianOil also operates 81-sq km onland Cambay basin NELP-VII block CB-ONN-2005/2.