Aban-VII moves on

Vol 15, PW 17 (08 Mar 12) News in Brief

GSPC is set to spud its third and final Phase-I commitment exploration well at its 1520-sq km shallow water NELP-VI block MB-OSN-2004/1 in the Mumbai offshore.

“Aban Offshore will begin mobilising Aban-VII to our block next week,” confirms GSPC, on February 29. GSPC, adds another source, has identified two potential locations for the third exploration well.

“If GSPC picks the first location it will drill the well to 1500 metres TD,” we hear. “But if it picks the other location it will drill the well to 2500 metres TD.

” Aban-VII has just finished drilling a Phase-I committed exploration well for Oman’s Petrogas at 741-sq km neighbouring block MB-OSN-2004/2. “Petrogas is preparing to release the rig,” we hear.

“It completed drilling last week and is ‘logging’ the well, which was drilled to 1500 metres TD.” Aban-VII could take a week to move from the Petrogas block to the GSPC-operated block nearby, where the consortium is identical.

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