Joshi drilling plans

Vol 15, PW 11 (01 Dec 11) News in Brief

Oklahoma-headquartered explorer Joshi Technologies wants to hire a land rig to drill at its 48-sq km producing Dholka oilfield in Gujarat.

PETROWATCH learns Joshi issued a tender on November 21 to hire a 1000-hp rig to drill and complete five development wells at Dholka, each to 1800 metres TD. “We will target the ‘Lower’, ‘Middle’ and ‘Upper Cretaceous’ geological formations,” says a company source.

At present, Joshi is producing 600 b/d of oil from 27 Dholka wells. It expects the proposed wells could together add another 225 b/d, once drilled and completed.

Each well is expected to take up to 25 days to drill. “Two wells will be ‘vertical,” we hear.

“But three will be ‘directional wells.’ These three wells will be drilled vertically until 1150 metres and then ‘deviate.

’” Joshi also wants to hire ‘mud-logging’, ‘directional-drilling’, ‘cementing’, ‘wire-line logging and perforation’ and ‘mud-engineering’ services. Interested contractors must submit bids for the rig and other services by December 12.