GAIL protests ministry inaction over seven gas pipelines

Vol 9, PW 4 (01 Jun 05) News in Brief

GAIL is growing increasingly impatient with the government over its reluctance to publish details of seven proposed gas pipelines in the Gazette of India, the official government policy mouthpiece.

GAIL chairman Proshanto Banerjee has written a series of letters to the oil ministry, the most recent on 4th May, claiming government inaction is in breach of section 3(1) of the Petroleum & Minerals Pipelines Act (1962). Banerjee says government delay means GAIL is unable to prepare critical pipeline surveys, detailed feasibility reports, tariff calculations and gas sale contracts in relation to seven pipelines totalling 2254-km that form part of its proposed National Gas Grid.

The pipelines are: Bangalore to Chennai; Kakinada to Uran; Dabhol to Bangalore; Mangalore to Bangalore; Kochi to Mangalore; Kolkata to Jagdishpur; and Dadri to Nangal. GAIL says unless details are published in the Gazette of India it cant begin work.

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