Chinnewala Tibba

Vol 15, PW 9 (03 Nov 11) News in Brief

Chinnewala Tibba, a small hillock in Rajasthan, might not feature on standard roadmaps but it is a high priority for explorers in charge of ONGC’s Western Onshore Basin division.

PETROWATCH learns ONGC wants to resume stalled exploration at the 114.86-sq km Chinnewala area from 2013. “Between 2003 and 2007 we discovered a good quantity of high quality gas at Chinnewala,” says an ONGC source.

He adds that ONGC’s Ahmedabad-based Institute of Reservoir Studies is busy preparing a Feasibility Report on the block, expected to be ready by January next year. ONGC estimates Chinnewala could produce up to 125,000 cm/d of ‘sweet’ gas for up to 15 years.

Potential reserves have yet to be determined but ONGC’s initial testing indicates that Chinnewala gas has a very high ‘calorific content’ of 7000 Kcal/ cubic metre. Other gas finds in Rajasthan tend to have a calorific content no higher than 3100 Kcal/ cubic metre.

Chinnewala is located in arid north-western Rajasthan.