EIL's Saudi JV

Vol 15, PW 7 (06 Oct 11) News in Brief

Engineers India has set its sights on Saudi Arabia.

AK Purwaha, EIL chairman, tells us of a JV company incorporated in Saudi Arabia in August with partners Indian Oiltaking and local construction company Jabal Dhahran Ltd, in line with Saudi rules that make it mandatory to include a local partner. Called Jabal EIL IOT Co.

Ltd, Purwaha said the new JV aimed to secure project management consultant jobs for upstream projects in Saudi Arabia and had already submitted bids. Since 2003, EIL has secured several PMC assignments in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Iran and Kuwait, but this is its first foray into Saudi Arabia, part of a renewed focus on the Middle East, said Purwaha.

EIL, he said, would provide design and infrastructure support for the new JV while IOT would provide construction support. “Eventually though,” said Purwaha, “the JV will have to stand on its own two feet.

” Purwaha says EIL is open to offers from other Middle Eastern companies to set up JVs in their countries.