DGH moves office

Vol 15, PW 4 (25 Aug 11) News in Brief

DGH officials are excited about moving to a new office in Sector 73 of the Delhi suburb of Noida, about a kilometre from their current office in Sector 63.

“We’ve already moved 20 truckloads of documents and furniture,” confirms a DGH source, on August 23. “We’ll probably need 100 truckloads to move everything.

” The DGH is targeting to completely vacate its current office by August 29. “We will be housed in block A of OIDB Bhawan,” we learn.

“It’s a very spacious complex. The DGH will have seven floors to itself.

Five will be for DGH employees and two will be used to set up the new National Data Repository.” One major advantage is that the new office building is owned by DGH parent body, the Oil Industry Development Board (OIDB), so it won’t be paying rent anymore.

It is also located closer to a metro station on the line that runs from central Delhi. The DGH moved to its current Noida office in November 2007 from a rented office in Delhi.