ONGC welcomes MPs

Vol 14, PW 25 (16 Jun 11) News in Brief

Work at ONGC’s Ahmedabad asset came to a standstill for an entire week this month because MPs wanted to take a ‘study tour’.

PETROWATCH learns India’s 22-member Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour headed by Congress Party leader Hemananda Biswal visited ONGC Ahmedabad between June 6 and June 8. Apparently the MPs wanted to see a ‘mine’ before considering the Mines Amendment Bill in parliament.

Since ONGC’s drilling activity counts as ‘mining’, what better place than well-connected Ahmedabad to see a mine in person When the MPs arrived they got an extra surprise: ONGC’s entire board of directors led by chairman AK Hazarika was waiting to greet them. “We’ve never had such a large contingent of MPs visiting us,” admits an excited ONGC source.

“Thankfully everything went smoothly.” Protocol dictates that MPs speak only to the chairman, but it seems the entire board wanted to welcome the visiting MPs.