Reliance's drillships

Vol 14, PW 6 (09 Sep 10) News in Brief

By December, Reliance will have just two Transocean deepwater drillships working off India: Dhirubhai Deepwater KG-2 (DD-KG2) and Discoverer India, raising concerns about whether it can fulfil its drilling commitments.

PETROWATCH learns Discoverer India should reach India on October 21. But last month Reliance released Discoverer 534 and in June it released Deepwater Expedition.

It plans to send Deepwater Frontier to its East Timor exploration block after testing a discovery well at a D6 satellite field. Many wonder if Reliance can drill over 70 committed development wells over the next five years using DD-KG2 and Discoverer India.

“Can Reliance drill 15 wells a year with just two drillships” questions a source. Reliance must drill 28 development wells at D6, he adds, and up to 35 wells to develop D6 satellite gas discoveries.

At its NEC-25 block, it must drill 15 development wells. “Reliance has over 30 blocks in India with drilling commitments,” we hear.