Adani Energy hikes CNG prices

Vol 13, PW 12 (19 Nov 09) News in Brief

Adani Energy has taken a cue from Hindustan Petroleum and raised CNG prices.

PETROWATCH learns Adani, Gujarat’s largest CNG retailer, raised prices by Rs2/kg (0.04 cents) from midnight on November 10. “In fact we wanted to increase our prices before Diwali (Hindu festival of lights),â€‌ says Adani.

“But we held back so as not to spoil the festive spirit.â€‌ Adani will now sell CNG at Rs30.62/kg (0.65 cents).

HPCL set the trend by raising its CNG prices on October 1. Over 45,000 auto-rickshaw drivers using CNG in Ahmedabad and Vadodara staged a one-day strike on November 16 in protest at the price rise, paralysing life in the two cities.

“In the past,â€‌ we hear, “Adani increased prices and then rolled them back after protests from auto drivers. But this time it won’t roll back prices.

â€‌ HPCL and Adani now sell the most expensive CNG in Gujarat. Adani sells 200,000-kg/day CNG from 42 standalone stations in Ahmedabad and seven in Vadodara.