GeoGlobal works on Deccan blocks

Vol 13, PW 7 (10 Sep 09) News in Brief

Canadian explorer GeoGlobal Resources is gearing up for exploration work at two NELP-V and NELP-VI Deccan plateau onland blocks.

Within six months, we hear, GeoGlobal will start an aeromagnetic gravity survey over the 1697-sq km block DS-ONN-2003/1 and 2649-sq km block DS-ONN-2004/1, which lie alongside each other. “Exploration companies have till now avoided the Deccan Basin because volcanic basalt rock could be around 2-km thick,â€‌ says a source.

“But GeoGlobal feels it can narrow its zone of interest to just a few hundred square kilometres were the basalt could be around 500-metres thick.â€‌ Phase-I of exploration at each block is for five years and GeoGlobal, we hear, wants to enter the optional three-year Phase-II where one well is committed on each block.

“Today, technology is available to image below thick basalt layers and GeoGlobal’s confidence levels (about these blocks) is better than when it won the blocks as sole bidder,â€‌ we hear.