Agra can't get enough gas for CNG

Vol 10, PW 23 (22 Mar 07) News in Brief

Agra - home to the famous Taj Mahal – is facing an acute gas shortage, forcing retailer Green Gas to rein back expansion plans.

“No gas is available,â€‌ the company tells us. “We can’t build any more CNG stations.

â€‌ Green Gas tells us it is writing to the oil ministry every month for help to secure additional gas supplies. “There is no APM gas available,â€‌ adds the company.

“Even additional R-LNG is not available.â€‌ What R-LNG it does get, says Green Gas, is being converted to CNG to make up the absence of APM gas.

In Delhi, Indraprastha Gas sells CNG (converted from APM gas) at Rs19 per kg, while in Agra CNG is retailing at Rs28 per kilo. But plans to begin supplying piped natural gas to commercial and industrial users have been put on hold.

“No work has started,â€‌ we hear. “There is no clarity on gas sourcing and allocation."