Vol 2, PW 25 (06 Jan 99) Exploration & Production

The sheer volume of GCAs technical recommendations is such that it could not fit in to a 350-word article in Petrowatch.

As such, the next three issues of Petrowatch will detail the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grouping of GCAs recommendations. For this issue, however, we will limit ourselves to listing recommendations that GCA has singled out "For Immediate Action", many of which are presently being implemented.

WELL RECOMPLETION:- *additional perforation of promising layers in central Bombay High by through tubing by MSU or with workover rigs. *more rapid evaluation and action on results of available data, particularly PLTs *review straddle completions for opening of closed in zones.

GAS LIFT:- *use Kinley perforator to deepen gas lift injection and put wells on gas lift where applicable. *change out bottom gas lift valve to an orifice check valve where applicable *improve performance of high pi, high FBHP and high water cut wells *use high pressure shut in gas wells for gas lift where applicable.

BACK PRESSURE REDUCTION:- *remove well head section chokes *run tubing scrapers on wireline to remove wax deposits *conduct scale treatments for platform manifolds and pipework. WELL MONITORING & CONTROL:- *installation of adjustable chokes and direct type recorders.

*quicker analysis and implementation of results from well data *use SCADA for on-line remote platform monitoring ORGANISATION & TRAINING:- *motivate well-head teams *provide training in gas lift *reduce offshore contract manpower by "clubbing" suitable contracts COST AWARENESS:- *find ways to reduce drilling costs