Gaffney Cline, "a waste of time", says top ONGC official

Vol 3, PW 21 (10 Nov 99) Exploration & Production

A member of ONGCs board has launched a devastating attack against consultancy work carried out at the corporation by the UK-based Gaffney Cline & Associates.

"It is a sheer waste of time", this report learns, "The kind of details they are going into should never be brought to our level. They should be dealt with at lower levels.

We should be dealing with policy". The official, who spoke to Petrowatch on condition of anonymity, was referring to a presentation made by consultants from Gaffney Cline & Associates in Mumbai on 28th and 29th October, attended by some 90 ONGC staffers and members of the board, including ONGC chairman Bikash Bora.

"It was like a 'mela' (circus). People just go talking on and on.

They (GCA) complain about our procedures but do not suggest any practical or pragmatic approach to our problems". In Petrowatch Volume 3, Issue 19 (9-Gaffney Cline & Associates complain of Red Tape) we reported on a critical three-page letter from GCA consultant James Cobbett, complaining about ONGC's "tendering procedures" and "associated bureaucracy".

The ONGC official adds: "India is not America or Europe. Our conditions are different and they have to learn to live and work in such conditions.

They just go on doing theoretical studies. It is an endless exercise that is not very useful.

The whole thing is turning out to be very whimsical. So many of our peoples' efforts have been wasted.

What we need is effective, pragmatic action".