DGH set to appoint GXT for multi-client 2D survey

Vol 9, PW 17 (01 Dec 05) News in Brief

DGH officials confirm they are set to appoint Houston-based seismic contractor GX Technology to carry out a 2D multi-client speculative survey of the east and west coasts of India.

GXT has been recommended by the operators, a source confirms. If another seismic company is also recommended by operators we would definitely consider it.

Moves to appoint GXT without going to tender have sparked protests from other seismic contractors. However, the DGHs choice of GXT comes following its recommendation by ONGC and other deepwater heavyweights: Total, ExxonMobil, British Gas and Petrobras.

The DGH is open to suggestions for additional speculative surveys but it wants to see oil company support and sponsorship, confirms a rival contractor. The deal with GXT is not yet finalised and the ministry has yet to approve it.

GXT has offered to acquire, process and interpret data, which it will sell in dockets for $5m.