Law minister Jethmalani sacked

Vol 4, PW 13 (02 Aug 00) News in Brief

Prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee has justified his decision to sack the country's straight-talking law minister Ram Jethmalani.

In an announcement to parliament on 28th July Vajpayee said he had asked Jethmalani to step down following the latter's attack on the country's attorney general. "Certain statements have been made by Ram Jethmalani, former Union Minister for Law, Justice and Company Affairs with regard to the Chief Justice of India and the Attorney General of India," said Vajpayee, "My government does not share the views of Shri Jethmalani with regard to the subject matter on which he has spoken.

I exercised my prerogative and have asked Shri Jethmalani to resign."