Minor changes in the oil ministry

Vol 4, PW 16 (13 Sep 00) People & Policy

There have been a number of middle-level changes in the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas in Delhi.

Office order No.144, dated August 21st, 2000, announces the new work allocations of the following 'Directors', 'Deputy Secretaries' and 'Deputy Advisers' as follows: A K Dubey, Director, currently looking after the work of supply and pricing and designated as Director (S&P) will be responsible for the additional tasks of supply, vigilance and corporate affairs.

His new designation is Director (SV&CA). ISN Prasad, Director (natural gas and vigilance) will from now on look after the work of natural gas only and is designated as Director (NG).

V Srinivas, Deputy Secretary, has been given additional charge ofpricing and downstream infrastructure and has been designated Deputy Secretary (P&DI). (Ms) Pushpa Thottan, who is presently Deputy Adviser (economics and statistics), has assumed a key role looking after Indian Oil Corporation.

From now, Thottan is the official dealing with "matters arising from the Companies Act, Employees State Insurance and other Central Acts, as well as hold responsibility for, "Foreign exchange (tours) and foreign experts," making sure IOC meets its targets laid out in the annual plan and five year plan. Most importantly, Thottan is responsible for the acquisition and release of flats and office accommodation on behalf of IOC.