Highlights of Kochi Refineries MoU with Shastri Bhawan

Vol 6, PW 9 (03 Jul 02) News in Brief

Bharat Petroleum subsidiary Kochi Refineries has set itself a target of refining 7.5m tonnes of crude oil in 2002-03 - the same as last year.

Other highlights of its MoU with the oil ministry are: LPG production 395,000 tonnes against 305,000 last year. Total production of distillates 73.5% against 72% last year Kerosene production planned to be 9% of crude throughput Sales of aromatics to be 76,000 tonnes against 75,000 last year Kochi refineries crude mix for this year is: 40% - Mumbai High 24% - Suez Mix 16% - Masila Blend 6.66% - Arab Mix 6.67% - Kuwaiti crude 6.67% - Marib Light Crude processing costs are higher at Rs387 per tonne ($8.06 per tonne) against Rs365 per tonne ($7.6/tonne) last year.