Hindustan Petroleum wants control of its petrol pumps

Vol 6, PW 5 (08 May 02) News in Brief

Hindustan Petroleum plans to raise the number of company controlled petrol pumps in 2002-03.

It's March MoU with the oil ministry for 2002-03 commits it to raise to 64% the number of outlets it controls directly. This works out to 3,040 out of 4,751 outlets.

Other targets are: total crude throughput of 13.1m tonnes at the Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam refineries - lower than last year's target of 13.35m tonnes. No 'planned shutdowns' at the Mumbai refinery, but at the Vishakhapatnam refinery there will be a 'planned shutdown' of 40 days.

Crude mix proposed at Mumbai: 3.6m tonnes of high sulphur crude and 2.2m tonnes of low sulphur crude. AtVishakhapatnam: 2.7m tonnes of Ravva crude, 2.05mn tonnes of imported low sulphur crude and 2.5m tonnes of imported high sulphur crude.