Indian refiners process 74.02m tonnes of crude oil

Vol 6, PW 1 (13 Mar 02) News in Brief

Here's a number to remember: 74.02m tonnes of crude.

According to figures presented to parliament by Ram Naik on 26th February, that's how much crude Indian state refiners will have processed by the end of this financial year. See below for a detailed breakdown.

Refinery Crude processing in 2001-02 IOC Mathura 8.24m tonnes IOC Koyali 11.59m tonnes IOC Haldia 4.31m tonnes IOC Barauni 3.06m tonnes IOC Guwahati 0.77m tonnes IOC Digboi 0.65m tonnes IOC Panipat 5.95m tonnes HPCL Mumbai 5.71m tonnes HPCL Vishakhapatnam 7.05m tonnes BPCL Mumbai 9.00m tonnes Chennai Petroleum (Chennai) 6.20m tonnes Chennai Petroleum (Narimanam) 0.64m tonnes Kochi Refineries 6.95m tonnes Bongaigaon Refineries 1.49m tonnes Numaligarh Refineries 2.38m tonnes ONGC Tatipaka 0.04m tonnes Total 74.02m tonnes