ONGC focus on D-5 well at Deen Dayal (West)

Vol 20, PW 19 (15 Jun 17) Exploration & Production

ONGC is focusing all its attention on the highly promising D-5 well at the Deen Dayal (West) gasfield following its acquisition of GSPC's stake at KG-OSN-2001/3.

Since April around 40 mainly offshore drilling engineers from ONGC have been camping at the Process-Living-Quarters Platform (PLQP) for a close-up assessment. "ONGC has taken full control of Deen Dayal West," confirms a senior GSPC source.

"And we are offering our complete support." ONGC is studying different zones that need to be 'fracked' at D-5: a tight formation HP/HT well with sub-surface temperatures exceeding 400-degrees Fahrenheit and pressure exceeding 12,000-psi. "ONGC will begin 'fracking' soon," adds our GSPC source, without disclosing a timeframe.

Drilled and completed in April (2017) using Nabors Rig-805, well D-5 is the last well drilled by GSPC before it handed over its stake to ONGC. Based on results, ONGC will decide whether to also drill a sixth and seventh well, already planned by GSPC.

Two years ago cost-conscious GSPC chairman Dr. JN Singh agreed to proceed with D-5 after GSPC consultant Xodus, a Chiyoda group company, said the well could produce as much as 60m cf/d (1.7m cm/d).

Today's Deen Dayal (West) production is paltry by comparison: between 9m cf/d and 11.9m cf/d (255,000-337,000 cm/d) from three wells. Most is flared but small amounts are used to generate electricity on the production platform.

None is sold to consumers.