Dhar finally goes to Perigon Infratech

Vol 20, PW 5 (17 Nov 16) News in Brief

Perigon Infratech, a subsidiary of Ahmedabad-based Positron Energy, is proof that persistence pays off.

After it was rejected last year under the fifth gas licensing round because it was the sole bidder for Dhar in Madhya Pradesh, a Perigon-led consortium bid again in December 2015 under the sixth round and was finally granted PNGRB authorisation on November 7, 2016. "Perigon was relentless," says a gas regulator source.

"Every other day Perigon used to follow up on Dhar." A senior Perigon source adds the 8091-sq km area is a rich "virgin" market. He believes the company can expect plenty of CNG sales to vehicles using the Mumbai-Agra highway which passes through the area and it will also hopefully sell piped gas to around 15 local factories which manufacture steel engineering equipment in addition to local distilleries and food processing factories.

According to the 2011 census, Dhar has a population of 2.18m almost equal to the Baltic country Latvia. Perigon's parent Positron is selling 20,000 cm/d of CBM to factories in Jharkhand.