GAIL delays pipeline auction

Vol 19, PW 22 (14 Jul 16) News in Brief

GAIL has pushed back the reverse auction date to buy pipe for Narendra Modi's 'Urja Ganga' or "energy highway" gas pipeline to revitalise his constituency Varanasi, and 16 other eastern cities.

GAIL wants to buy 56,800-tonnes of steel for the 320-km pipeline from Vijaipur in Madhya Pradesh to Auriya in Uttar Pradesh. "This tender is for the section from Auriya to Thulendi and onwards to Phulpur (Uttar Pradesh)," says a bidder.

"GAIL scheduled the reverse auction for July 7. But it pushed this back to July 18, even this might be postponed.

" GAIL received bids on May 31 from Essar Steel, Welspun, Jindal Pipe, Man Industries, MSL, Surya Pipes, Bhushan Steel and North China Petroleum. Ratnamani Pipes couldn't upload its bid because of a technical glitch.

"GAIL has opened all the price bids," says a pipe manufacturer. "The lowest price will open the reverse auction.

" Bidders can quote for three different options: supplying bare pipe, coating pipe supplied by other companies, or supplying coated pipe.