Tahal of Israel interested in Geleki job

Vol 19, PW 13 (10 Mar 16) News in Brief

Working in conflict-prone Assam is difficult at the best of times.

But Israelis have plenty of experience working in conflict zones. Perhaps this explains the presence of the country's Tahal Group at ONGC's pre-bid in Delhi on February 29 for the Geleki compressors and pipelines tender.

Owned by the Kardan Group, Tahal's website says the company's expertise centres on water and waste water projects, irrigation systems and natural gas. "We don't know how they qualify," says a source.

"Maybe they feel they do (qualify) with their gas experience." Tata Projects and IndianOil Tanking also attended but Kalpataru Power Transmission and favourite KazStroyService stayed away. Some believe only three or four bidders will respond by the April 20 deadline given the security concerns in Assam.

ONGC meanwhile has deflected criticism that the qualifying criteria are too specific and designed to favour one company in particular by stressing they are in line with the complexity of the project.