Tsunami spares oil installations offshore India

Vol 8, PW 20 (12 Jan 05) News in Brief

Oil and gas installations offshore eastern India were untouched by the killer tsunami that ravaged south and southeast Asia on 26th December.

Hardy Oil operates the PY-3 field offshore Tamil Nadu and Cairn the Ravva field offshore Andhra Pradesh. ONGC has onshore fields in Pondicherry and operates two deepwater drillships, also off Andhra Pradesh.

PY-3 is 18-km offshore in 80 metres water depth, Hardy tells us. Out in the ocean the waves are very small at the surface of the sea.

They only build up as they approach the shore and lose room to manoeuvre. Adds Hardy: Offshore installations are built with 100-year storm data.

Cairn said its Ravva operations were unaffected and ONGC reported no damage, but said some onshore wells in Pondicherry were shut down for a day or so as a precautionary measure. ONGC adds that deepwater rigs Sagar Vijay and Discoverer Seven Seas continued drilling unaffected.