GAIL commits 3.5m cm/d from Cauvery onshore

Vol 8, PW 23 (23 Feb 05) News in Brief

GAIl has committed a total of 3.5m cm/d to customers from ONGCs onshore Cauvery Basin gasfields in Tamil Nadu.

GAIL presently supplies 2m cm/d at subsidised prices to more than 50 customers but this is set to rise when more ONGC gas comes on stream at the end of next year. All the gas has been allocated, a source reveals.

Whatever gas is available is immediately sold. Five gas-bearing zones dominate the Cauvery Basin: Narimanam (500,000 cm/d) Kuttalam (800,000 cm/d) Ramnad (1.75m cm/d) Kovilkalappal (450,000 cm/d) Bhuvanagiri (1000 cm/d)Bhuvanagiri is a dying field, we learn.

Gas from all these zones is diminishing except from Ramnad and Kuttalam. GAIL tells us 80% of the 3.5m cm/d available after 2006 will go to power companies.

Tamil Nadu Electricity Board presently consumes up to 70% of the 2m cm/d produced from ONGCs onshore Cauvery fields.