BG returns Tapti gasfield to GoI next year

Vol 17, PW 12 (30 Jan 14) People & Policy

Tapti will soon become the first offshore field in India abandoned because its oil and gas has run out.

Partners BG, Reliance and ONGC want to abandon Tapti next year when gas production falls to zero. On December 2 they sent a ‘trigger notice’ to the oil ministry and the DGH announcing their intention to abandon the field by June 2015.

Since then the DGH has given ONGC 60 days to decide if it wants to take over the mid and south Tapti fields and its surface and sub-sea facilities. Tapti today produces just 2m cm/d from 13 wells - down from 10m cm/d at its peak in 2008.

Hopes it would yield 13m cm/d vanished as water began flooding the wells, hitting gas production. “Between 60% and 70% of recoverable gas has been extracted from some wells,” we hear.

“Nothing more can be produced.” Last year three ‘extended reach development’ wells were drilled for $30m each from the new MTA platform.

BG was hoping to produce an additional 700,000 cm/d (25m cf/d) from each well to reverse the alarming 36% annual decline in gas output. But well MTA-7 messed up and couldn’t be completed.

Wells MTA-8 and 9 together produce just 142,000 cm/d (5m cf/d) forcing the consortium to drop plans to drill more.