Data for ViaLogy

Vol 15, PW 10 (17 Nov 11) News in Brief

ONGC is seeking defence ministry permission to send old seismic data from the D1 fields offshore Mumbai to US-based ViaLogy for ‘advanced interpretation.

’ PETROWATCH learns ONGC wrote to the oil ministry on November 8 saying it is carrying out a ‘pilot project’ to study geological and geophysical’ data of the D1 ‘structure.’ ONGC wants to send 100-sq km of seismic data to ViaLogy to understand “complex ‘geo bodies’ of ‘Oligo-Miocene Carbonates’ and heterogynous ‘fluids distribution pattern’ in these sequences over this area.

” ONGC plans to send ‘processed PSTM gathers’, ‘logs’ and other geological information after ‘camouflaging’ it to hide the exact location of the area. ViaLogy’s website states the company was founded as a NASA “spin-off.

” ONGC says ViaLogy has advanced seismic signal processing technology which can “pull new information from conventional data” and could help it better understand the D1 reservoir, before making future plans.