IOC director marketing

Vol 14, PW 23 (19 May 11) News in Brief

IndianOil executive director supplies Makrand Nene, 55, has been selected by the PESB to replace IOC director marketing GC Daga after he retires on September 30, 2011.

PETROWATCH learns Nene, who is presently based at IOC’s Mumbai office, ranked first during the director marketing interviews held in Delhi on May 13. “Nene is the right person for the job,” says an admirer.

“He is an expert in ‘logistical support’ and his background as an engineer means he is well-qualified to understand the company’s highly automated supply chain.” Nene joined IOC in 1977 as a trainee and has worked in its marketing division since then.

He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Agra University and did an advanced management course from MDI Gurgaon, a leading Indian business school. As IOC executive director supplies, Nene presently handles the company’s single-largest client, Nepal Oil, which buys more than a million tonnes of petroleum products every year.