Fifteen new faces join the DGH on 30th June

Vol 9, PW 5 (16 Jun 05) News in Brief

Mani Shankar Aiyars irritation over the secondment of ONGC officials to the DGH is likely to grow.

Starting next month, as many as 15 new officials will leave ONGC to join the DGH, replacing almost the same number in the upstream regulators office. Familiar faces amongst those leaving the DGH and going back to ONGC by 30th June are group general manager GC Saxena, chief geophysicist Dr C.

Chandrashekhar, geophysicist Sunil Chaudhuri and Pomila Jaspal from the finance section. We plan to recruit industry professionals from outside ONGC very soon, a DGH source tells PETROWATCH.

Some of the ONGC officers going back have been with the DGH for as long as eight years. We are told that once oil minister Aiyar agrees to let the DGH directly recruit outside experts, the presence of ONGC officials will decline.

Today the DGH has 66 officers on attachment from ONGC, 12 from Oil India and six from Indian Oil.