Electric Gujarat

Vol 14, PW 20 (07 Apr 11) News in Brief

Gujarat has bought a record 9447m units of electricity from three independent power producers in the 12 months from January 1 to December 31, 2010: Essar, Adani and Gujarat Paguthan Energy Corporation (GPEC).

Undisclosed figures from the state government reveal that Gujarat paid Rs3067cr ($682.6m) to the three companies in line with Power Purchase Agreements. GPEC sold Gujarat 3868m units of power from its 655-MW gas-fired Paguthan power station near Bharuch for Rs1516cr ($337.43m) at Rs3.92/unit ($0.09).

Essar on the other hand sold Gujarat 1436m units of power from its 515-MW Hazira gas-fired power station and the nearby 500-MW Bhander gas-fired station for Rs484cr ($107.73m) at Rs3.37/unit ($0.08). But Gujarat’s largest private power supplier was Adani, which sold 4143m units of power for Rs1067cr ($237.5m) at Rs2.58/unit ($0.06).

This power was produced at Adani’s 4620-MW coal-fired power station at Mundra.