Reliance seismic

Vol 14, PW 15 (27 Jan 11) News in Brief

Chronic indecision appears to be the hallmark of Reliance’s seismic acquisition division.

Contractors are again upset with Reliance for its lack of clarity on a 3000-sq km tender across NELP-VI blocks on the east coast. This month (January) Reliance received technical and price bids from WesternGeco, PGS, CGGVeritas and Fugro for the 3D job, which was awarded to Norway’s Bergen Oilfield last August.

“The tender was issued in mid-December,” reports a bidder. “All the major companies want this job.

” Our source adds Reliance issued the tender because it doubts Bergen’s ability to complete work this season, which ends in May. “There are problems with Bergen’s (BOS Arctic) vessel,” we hear.

Contacted by this report, Bergen denies any problem, saying work is on schedule. “BOS Arctic has already shot seismic at one (east coast) block,” says a source.

“By April it plans to shoot at two more.” Contractors reckon Reliance’s indecision stems from Bergen’s assurance that there is no problem.

“If Reliance changes its mind,” says a source, “it should tell us.”