Aban rig sitting idle

Vol 14, PW 4 (12 Aug 10) News in Brief

Aban Offshore’s jack-up Deep Driller-1 has been anchored off Kakinada port since July and could remain there until October or November.

PETROWATCH learns GSPC doesn’t need the rig for its Deen Dayal discovery gasfield development till then. “GSPC isn’t ready with the three drilling locations,” says an industry source.

He adds that GSPC should finalise locations next month. Deen Dayal development wells will be drilled from a steel ‘template’ fixed over the KG#8 gas discovery well, which lies in 70-metre water depths.

GSPC first wanted a rig to begin the Deen Dayal development programme in January or February this year but then postponed its plans to July and has now delayed them once again. Separately, ONGC-affiliate helicopter provider Pawan Hans quoted less than Rs1cr ($216,963)/month in July in a GSPC tender to hire a helicopter for Deen Dayal for three years.

It was the lowest bidder beating Heligo Charters and previous contract holder Global Vectra.

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