NELP-IX consultants wanted

Vol 13, PW 26 (17 Jun 10) News in Brief

The DGH is looking for consultants who can set up, operate and maintain datarooms and manage the official website for the NELP-IX licensing round.

PETROWATCH learns on June 14 the DGH issued a tender to hire a NELP-IX ‘technical service provider.’ Tender documents will be sold until July 5 and the pre-bid meeting is scheduled for July 9.

Interested companies must submit price and technical bids on August 5. The selected consultant will maintain ‘physical’ datarooms in Delhi (60 days), London (40 days), Houston (40 days), Perth (30 days), Calgary (30 days), Singapore (30 days), Melbourne (30 days) and either Kuwait or Dubai (30 days).

Separately, on June 16 the DGH issued an associated tender to hire an event manager who can promote NELP-IX. Tender documents are on sale until July 7 and the pre-bid meeting will take place on July 12.

Technical and price bids must be submitted by August 9. Price bids in both tenders should be opened around October.