Judges extend CGD case till March 7

Vol 11, PW 21 (06 Mar 08) News in Brief

Supreme Court judges in India have given the oil ministry an extension till (Friday) March 7 to come up with an “amicable solutionâ€‌ in a row between GAIL on the one hand and Adani Energy and Haryana City Gas on the other over access to gas supplies from the HBJ pipeline.

On the earlier deadline of February 29, lawyers representing the government argued for the one-week extension so the oil ministry could hold a further meeting with all participants in the dispute and reach an “all-India view.â€‌ Lawyers for Adani Energy and Haryana City Gas tried but failed to block the extension arguing that the government is stalling.

Judges, however, agreed to the oil ministry request and granted the week’s extension. Observers believe the ministry asked for the extra week to give time to the downstream and gas regulator to formally announce publication of CGD regulations in the Gazette so it can shift responsibility for any decision onto regulatory authorities.