Reliance carries out DST at KG-DWN-98/1

Vol 11, PW 9 (06 Sep 07) News in Brief

Good news for Reliance from deepwater NELP-I block KG-DWN-98/1, or D4, where it is operator with 100%.

Transocean semi-submersible Actinia is carrying out a single Drill Stem Test at her first well on this block after drilling to Total Vertical Depth of 3595 metres in 562 metres water depth. No details are available, but we hear the DST is being carried out “towards the bottom portionâ€‌ of the well and that “Reliance is chasing a Cretaceous targetâ€‌.

Reliance’s decision to carry out the costlier DST is itself “significantâ€‌ and follows encouraging results from a single Modular Dynamic Test carried out in the same zone. Unconfirmed reports say the MDT revealed the presence of oil.

Reliance began the DST on August 24th, which “is going well,â€‌ we hear. Reliance is unwilling to comment, careful not to anger the DGH.

The present well is the third at KG-DWN-98/1. Two earlier wells were dry.

Only two wells were committed in the minimum work programme at this block.