SeaBird lowest bidder in ONGC 2D tender

Vol 11, PW 9 (06 Sep 07) News in Brief

SeaBird Exploration has emerged lowest bidder in ONGC’s tender to shoot 13,550-km â€کlong offset’ 2D on India’s west coast.

PETROWATCH learns SeaBird quoted around $21m when price bids were opened on August 29th. Quotes from rival firms Fugro and Wavefield Inseis are unknown.

SeaBird executives are meeting ONGC next week to discuss terms for what could be its first seismic contract in India. If confirmed SeaBird will deploy either the Northern Explorer or Munin boats for the four-month 12-km single streamer job starting this November.

“ONGC needs to move quickly,â€‌ says a source. “Already we are in September.

â€‌ ONGC will shoot 2D across Kerala Konkan deepwater blocks KK-DWN-2002/2 and KK-DWN-2004/1 plus Kutch shallow water block GS-OSN-2004/1. ONGC wants sub-surface images below several kilometres of thick basalt layers that have blocked all exploration efforts in the Kerala Konkan.

ONGC wants the survey completed by May 31st 2008.