Vol 2, PW 23 (09 Dec 98) Midstream & Downstream

The following table is correct as of 4 December 1998.

It will almost certainly be subject to future updates. Category 1 projects represent MOUs which have been formally signed; Category 2 represents projects where MOUs have been finalised and a signing is imminent; Category 3 represents projects where a contact has been established, but where stumbling blocks remain.

From the Cochi table, Category 2 and 3 status talks have been deliberately excluded. BUYERS OF 5m t/y OF LNG FROM DAHEJ COMPANY QUANTITY CATEGORY Essar Power 2.25m cm/d* 1 Indo-Gulf Fertilisers 2.65m cm/d 1 STI Power 1.5m cm/d 1 IPCL 1.5m cm/d 2 GNFC 2.3m cm/d 2 Torrent Power 4.5m cm/d** 3 Chambal Fertiliser 1.8m cm/d*** 3 RPG Dholpur_ 3m cm/d 2 GSFC__ 2m cm/d 3 GIPCL __ 1.5m cm/d 3 National Fertiliser (+) 3.6m cm/d 3 Total:- 26.6m cm/d BUYERS OF 2.5m t/y LNG FROM COCHI COMPANY QUANTITY CATEGORY Siasin Energy 2.74cm/d 1 Palakkad Power 1.5m cm/d 1 FACT () 0.85m cm/d 1 NTPC 8-10m cm/d (++) 3 *Initially for 1.2m cm/d, increased to adjust for expansion of 515 MW Hazira power plant **Negotiations stall on Torrent demand for 26% equity ***Unlikely to happen, pessimistic outlook _Existing FSA with IOC for liquid fuel, has two years to run __State-owned companies notoriously slow to finalise paperwork (+) Bijaipur plant needs 1.8m cm/d; Panipat plant needs 1.8m cm/d () For use in ammonia plant (++) Needed for expansion of Kayamkulam plant from 2000 MW to 2300 MW.

If agreed, it will account for entire 2.5m t/y delivered at Cochi (SOURCE: Petrowatch)