Vol 3, PW 12 (07 Jul 99) News in Brief

Figures from the Indian government show that the voluminous increase in domestic refining capacity this year and next means the country is well on its way to becoming self-sufficient in oil products.

Projections show that imports in 1999-2000 will be 12m tonnes and in 2000-2001 just 7m tonnes. In the last financial year India imported roughly 26m tonnes.

Savings to the Indian exchequer will be in the region of $450m for 1999-2000 and $600 in 2000-2001. Domestic demand will be met from the 27m t/y Reliance refinery at Jamnagar where initial production will start at 11m t/y until March 2001, and the Mangalore refinery where total throughput will be 6m t/y until March 2001 (See also: 20-RELIANCE DELAYS REFINERY START - BUT WHY)

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