Vol 3, PW 14 (04 Aug 99) Exploration & Production

By Friday (July 23rd) the number of companies to have bought NELP data had risen to 14.

Grynberg Petroleum, based in Denver, Colorado and the Gas Authority of India (GAIL), in alliance with Russias Zarubezhneft (a Moscow company which represents the Russian Fuel and Energy Ministry in foreign projects) are the latest to join the list. Impressive it may be to have 14 companies that have bought data, but this report concludes only a handful will bid.

The following table compiled by Petrowatch illustrates all companies that have bought data so far and measures the likelihood of them bidding on a scale of one to ten, where one equals: DEFINITELY WILL NOT BID and ten equals: CERTAINLY WILL BID. Anything in between is an informed guess based on a recent or past interaction with the company in question:- Company Data purchased Bidding 1) Reliance Petroleum Deepwater/Bombay Offshore 10 2) ONGC/IOC Deepwater 10 3) IOC/Petronas Deepwater 10 4) Oil India Onland/Shallow Water/Deepwater 10 5) Shell Exploration Deepwater 5 6) Unocal Bharat Deepwater/Bombay Offshore 7 7) Woodside Petroleum Deepwater 8 8) Enron Oil & Gas Deepwater/Bombay Offshore 7 9) Cairn Energy Deepwater/Shallow Water 8 10) Phillips Petroleum Deepwater 1 11) Maersk Olie Og Gas Deepwater and KG Shallow water 7 12) GAIL/Zarubezhneft Deepwater 10 13) Grynberg Petroleum Deepwater 7 14) CMS Oil & Gas Deepwater 1